Sunday, 23 May 2010

Another twist of life.

So, I moved to Zurich last week. I mean, completely moved. Two years in France, and now - Switzerland. Geographically not a big difference, but pretty much - culturally.

Changed my jobs. Or rather companies. Plus Zurich is uncomparably more urban than Belfort. Nice city. Sufficiently German to be better organized and clean, and sufficiently French to be relaxed and careless. The city was not really new to me: we travelled to Zurich with Sudhakar about a year or so ago, and we both liked the city. Now it's my second week-end here, and the first week-end when I am really enjoying the "citiness" of Zurich: after the endless days of rain and the first tourist shock of Bahnhoffstrasse prices.

I don't know if I stay here, it will all depend on whether Sudhakar joins me soon or rather I join him. There are two laws which work flawlessly in my life: 1) Anything which is done, is done for the best and 2) Everything in life happens for some good purpose. So, I guess my Zurich experience will be for something good too..


Thursday, 18 March 2010

Only a few days left!

Only a few days left!

It's been a hectic time lately, but thinking that just in a few days we will be together and with our families and dear friends around, makes feel so incredibly great!

Life brings new things. New challenges. Surprises! And it's beautiful! And it is aaaaal for the very best of it!

:-) See you all soon!


Sunday, 11 October 2009

Catching up.

Finally, I am back to my blog. I am very s-o-r-r-y, but I am who I am - an irregular blogger...

Oh, actualy, now I see... my last post was in... August... oops... yeah... That's pretty embarassing.

In this case a digest update on... my life. Awright, in chronological order then.

Well, first, I went to India with S - first time in my life (to India, I mean). Second, we got engaged. (Yes, yes, yes! We did.) Now I am a fiancée. Hmm.. Feels cool,

actually. :-) It was definitely a special moment. But more on this - later... If I feel like it. :-)

Third, I took a vacation in September and we went to Ukraine to see my parents. Straight after that I flew across the Atlantic to stay with my now fiancé for (about) 10 days. After that, which is very recent - almost present - we went together to Freiburg (Germany) which appeared to be a lovely place. Surprisingly enough, even
though this toy-town is just 40 min drive from mine, I have never been there yet. It was more than worth it. Awesome place: a retirement paradise for Germans.

And here I am now, preparing for my tomorrow's trip to Moscow and to my next week-end trip to Berlin.

Hopefully, I gave at least some valid reasons of why I was away for so long.

In all this meantime, I have been trying to enjoy the summer in Belfort and learn driving. (Oh, I didn't tell you? Yeah, I am getting my driving licence. Finally. I

know, it seems rediculous - "only now?!". But, c'est la vie - only now.)

This week-end is the first lazy week-end I allowed myself in about 1.5 months. I was pretty content with just being on my own, finally being able to do some trivial

work at home, which I've been postponing for exactly those 1.5 months, and just catching up on some movies and my favorite blogs. Only now, on Sunday evening, feels a

little bit too lazy. But let's consider it a mortgage for the crazy busy upcoming week.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

On vacations...

Ooops... Looking again: no folks, I am no way a consistent blogger... Hehe... last posting almost 3 months ago... Huh, what to do...

Anyways. In the meantime, I've spent another summer in France, its Eastern part mostly. Well, I hosted my parents in June. It was their first time in France and it was quite a fun taking them around. We managed to do all major tourist places in Paris, Strasbourg, Basel, and some small towns nearby. For me it was also another experience of watching people pushing their boundaries, observing my folks exploring on their own (often, as I was working during the week) a totally foreign country with minimum language knowledge. It's amazing how they made it: truly, a person can do wonders when put into demanding situation.

Another major event of my life, in the meantime, I went to India - my first travel there. I went their with S (now my fiancé - yes, yes that's a whole other and long story to tell :-)) and I am very grateful for how he helped me to get acquainted with the country and to like it a lot. I don't want to rant here about Indian social life, economy, etc., etc. because 1) I am not a good enough expert to do that, 2) don't think I would do it even if I were an expert just because everyone else seems to be doing that and 3) I don't think it's this which matters, but rather people, individuals, personalties... I will only say that I enjoyed my first step!

Now, I am looking forward to my vacation. Yeah, finally a proper long one. Starts in... one, two,... three days. Heading to Ukraine (Crimea, actually) with S to see my Mom and Dad, and then - on to the US. Gonna be busy, but it's good. Looking forward to introduce my land to S. I've been missing my "most blue in the world Black Sea".

(Will try to) Keep you posted (more regularly)

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I am finally back here. Yes. I know, don't even say a word - it's been a while I last wrote in my blog. But okey, I won't bore you with any kinds of explanations. Moreover, none of them will be enough, I think. One thing I will tell you, though. I just couldn't force myself into writing because nothing what I wrote before seemed anymore worthwhile to me. Somehow, I realized that everything I'd written before is not important and that I should come up with something "real", something that would at least change
the world...

Well, I am not sure I will "change the world" today by posting this, but at least I feel like talking here again! I feel like I am back.

If you did look through my rant before, you might pay attention to the link name of my blog: And even, might you question why this name? Why sea suddenly? Hmmm
, I am sure I could then answer you with hundreds of reasons, nice explanations and sea-stories. They all would be sheer truth. But to keep it simple (and thus, with pretentiousness on genius ;-) kidding, kidding), I will only tell you that sea is my source of energy. Different people nourish their energy differently and my theory is that it most probably depends on where one was born: the one who was born near the mountains feels best in the hillside, the one who was born in a big city feels best in the hastiness of the city streets. I was born in the city near the sea and I just cannot live without the "Grande Bleue"for a long time.

Recently, I have run into one remarkable article, which has practically laid down all my feelings and thoughts about the sea so beautifully. The author is Suresh Subramaniam and here I will allow myself some plagiarism and will quote a significant part of what he said about "my" sea:


Every one of my visits thus far, has revealed new concepts in management and new ways of looking at life.

I am always amazed by the waves continuously beating the land and threatening to envelop it - with occasional success in the form of a tsunami. The unswerving perseverance of the waves is one admirable quality that any manager would wish to have along the obstacle path we call marketing in the world of business.

Sometimes one gets to see catamarans and the fishing trawlers venturing in or out of the sea. The persistence of the men who can outmaneuver the mighty power of the waves and still keep moving forward is another example in perseverance worthy of emulation.

In the crowded sections, one can often see the excited faces of children holding their parents’ hands while standing at the water’s edge waiting for the angry waves to splash and scatter their foamy surf. The trust of the onlooking child who knows that the firm grip of a parent’s hand will keep him securely anchored to the shore during this awesome experience, reminds me of the relationship that should exist between a subordinate and a boss.

And looking at the people taking their walk, oblivious to what is happening around them illustrates that we must be mindful at all times that “our health is our wealth” regardless of what is being demanded of us by others.

Last but not least – the joy of sitting silently at the water’s edge – simply looking at the magnificent ocean with its roaring waves puts us into an introspective mode. A mood that is necessary for objective self-evaluation and re-prioritizing our personal and professional goals.


Have a wonderful time all! See you soon.

Best, Nat

Monday, 16 March 2009


I know it's been a long time I wrote here. I am feeling super guilty: don't even say a word... Well, and I probably won't find a good reason to justify it. Was away, was busy, was lazy, was sick, forgot, all that and more... And now when the sense of guilt is so overwhelming that I can't stand it anymore, I realized that I cannot organize my thoughts and produce something worthy... So, today, late Monday evening, I will just tell you that I am still here and I will get back to writing. Very soon. Very-very soon, in fact.


Friday, 9 January 2009


We are going to New York today. My first time to New York. Yes, I think I am excited.

It's been almost two weeks I am in US. Well, also the first time I am in here. First experience is VERY different from Europe. US is VERY different from Europe. I in no way aim to judge it (at least now) and to tag it good or bad as there are both better and worse things.

I like the spaciousness of the country: after Ukraine I missed it in a good old narrow-curly-street Europe. I like the positive mood and attitude of people here. No matter what times they are living through, one can count on a wide smile and a loud "So, how are you guys today?".

Though, loudness - yes - you know, actually sometimes it becomes way too loud, when there's no way to hide from hearing someone's "family story" or a good/bad shopping day experience. And even if you have nothing to do with either of them, they will make sure you hear them even if you are sitting in the other end of the airplane or smth...

And another thing. S. calls it my European snobbishness, but I cannot help mentioning it. Brother, what an awful quality of food one finds here. Everyone keeps telling me that it's just a matter of time, meaning I just have to get used to it. But I DO NOT WANT TO GET USED TO WEIRDLY TASTING UNHEALTHY FOOD. And guys, you got to get to doing more sports. Please! For the sake of the the great American nation at least....

But I love being in big cities again, I just like this megapolis hassle and lights and continuous motion. We traveled to LA and Vegas the week-end before, and it was a great trip. Fabulous entertainments, going-outs with friends, big list of things to-do and no time to do all of that! I missed it.

So today - to New York... New York, New York!

Stay tuned,