Friday, 9 January 2009


We are going to New York today. My first time to New York. Yes, I think I am excited.

It's been almost two weeks I am in US. Well, also the first time I am in here. First experience is VERY different from Europe. US is VERY different from Europe. I in no way aim to judge it (at least now) and to tag it good or bad as there are both better and worse things.

I like the spaciousness of the country: after Ukraine I missed it in a good old narrow-curly-street Europe. I like the positive mood and attitude of people here. No matter what times they are living through, one can count on a wide smile and a loud "So, how are you guys today?".

Though, loudness - yes - you know, actually sometimes it becomes way too loud, when there's no way to hide from hearing someone's "family story" or a good/bad shopping day experience. And even if you have nothing to do with either of them, they will make sure you hear them even if you are sitting in the other end of the airplane or smth...

And another thing. S. calls it my European snobbishness, but I cannot help mentioning it. Brother, what an awful quality of food one finds here. Everyone keeps telling me that it's just a matter of time, meaning I just have to get used to it. But I DO NOT WANT TO GET USED TO WEIRDLY TASTING UNHEALTHY FOOD. And guys, you got to get to doing more sports. Please! For the sake of the the great American nation at least....

But I love being in big cities again, I just like this megapolis hassle and lights and continuous motion. We traveled to LA and Vegas the week-end before, and it was a great trip. Fabulous entertainments, going-outs with friends, big list of things to-do and no time to do all of that! I missed it.

So today - to New York... New York, New York!

Stay tuned,