Friday, 1 August 2008

Cultural features.

Okey, I guess I got a bit fed up with all these national differences which we as foreigners (or rather citizens of the world) have to deal with hopping around Europe (now). I mean, they are not necessarily bad, but... sometimes they do get under my skin.

And thus, I am starting a post where I will be collecting my cultural observations. I will be updating it furtheron as new ideas come. And please note, all listed here below is strictly subjective. So, you can agree or disagree... But who would care about it?!

And, since I am in France now, I will start with the French...

1) I am almost sure that the French people like to talk just because they enjoy listening to their own selves. The annoying thing about it is that they don't often realize that others don't necessarily enjoy their talking too.

2) But the French bread is the best, for sure.