Sunday, 11 October 2009

Catching up.

Finally, I am back to my blog. I am very s-o-r-r-y, but I am who I am - an irregular blogger...

Oh, actualy, now I see... my last post was in... August... oops... yeah... That's pretty embarassing.

In this case a digest update on... my life. Awright, in chronological order then.

Well, first, I went to India with S - first time in my life (to India, I mean). Second, we got engaged. (Yes, yes, yes! We did.) Now I am a fiancée. Hmm.. Feels cool,

actually. :-) It was definitely a special moment. But more on this - later... If I feel like it. :-)

Third, I took a vacation in September and we went to Ukraine to see my parents. Straight after that I flew across the Atlantic to stay with my now fiancé for (about) 10 days. After that, which is very recent - almost present - we went together to Freiburg (Germany) which appeared to be a lovely place. Surprisingly enough, even
though this toy-town is just 40 min drive from mine, I have never been there yet. It was more than worth it. Awesome place: a retirement paradise for Germans.

And here I am now, preparing for my tomorrow's trip to Moscow and to my next week-end trip to Berlin.

Hopefully, I gave at least some valid reasons of why I was away for so long.

In all this meantime, I have been trying to enjoy the summer in Belfort and learn driving. (Oh, I didn't tell you? Yeah, I am getting my driving licence. Finally. I

know, it seems rediculous - "only now?!". But, c'est la vie - only now.)

This week-end is the first lazy week-end I allowed myself in about 1.5 months. I was pretty content with just being on my own, finally being able to do some trivial

work at home, which I've been postponing for exactly those 1.5 months, and just catching up on some movies and my favorite blogs. Only now, on Sunday evening, feels a

little bit too lazy. But let's consider it a mortgage for the crazy busy upcoming week.