Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas with a special flavour.

I made a Christmas tour this week-end. It's a great thing to do in Alsace. Christmas tour here is when you are hopping on a car and going from one town to another, to a village, and then again to another town and so on... And you literally get wrapped in the spirit of true Christmas and medieval Alsacian vibe. For a moment, you - no matter how old you are, no matter from what culture you come - get back to your childhood and find yourself in a beautiful fairy-tale.

And this almost forgotten feeling of buying hand-crafted stuff and local home-made sweets and specialties..! Feels a little bit like at your grandma's when you're chatting with a lady who is selling fine embroideries while sitting and making them at the same place.

I totally adored Christmas tradition in this part of France. My hat off for that to the Alsacians!