Sunday, 23 May 2010

Another twist of life.

So, I moved to Zurich last week. I mean, completely moved. Two years in France, and now - Switzerland. Geographically not a big difference, but pretty much - culturally.

Changed my jobs. Or rather companies. Plus Zurich is uncomparably more urban than Belfort. Nice city. Sufficiently German to be better organized and clean, and sufficiently French to be relaxed and careless. The city was not really new to me: we travelled to Zurich with Sudhakar about a year or so ago, and we both liked the city. Now it's my second week-end here, and the first week-end when I am really enjoying the "citiness" of Zurich: after the endless days of rain and the first tourist shock of Bahnhoffstrasse prices.

I don't know if I stay here, it will all depend on whether Sudhakar joins me soon or rather I join him. There are two laws which work flawlessly in my life: 1) Anything which is done, is done for the best and 2) Everything in life happens for some good purpose. So, I guess my Zurich experience will be for something good too..


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