Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I am finally back here. Yes. I know, don't even say a word - it's been a while I last wrote in my blog. But okey, I won't bore you with any kinds of explanations. Moreover, none of them will be enough, I think. One thing I will tell you, though. I just couldn't force myself into writing because nothing what I wrote before seemed anymore worthwhile to me. Somehow, I realized that everything I'd written before is not important and that I should come up with something "real", something that would at least change
the world...

Well, I am not sure I will "change the world" today by posting this, but at least I feel like talking here again! I feel like I am back.

If you did look through my rant before, you might pay attention to the link name of my blog: And even, might you question why this name? Why sea suddenly? Hmmm
, I am sure I could then answer you with hundreds of reasons, nice explanations and sea-stories. They all would be sheer truth. But to keep it simple (and thus, with pretentiousness on genius ;-) kidding, kidding), I will only tell you that sea is my source of energy. Different people nourish their energy differently and my theory is that it most probably depends on where one was born: the one who was born near the mountains feels best in the hillside, the one who was born in a big city feels best in the hastiness of the city streets. I was born in the city near the sea and I just cannot live without the "Grande Bleue"for a long time.

Recently, I have run into one remarkable article, which has practically laid down all my feelings and thoughts about the sea so beautifully. The author is Suresh Subramaniam and here I will allow myself some plagiarism and will quote a significant part of what he said about "my" sea:


Every one of my visits thus far, has revealed new concepts in management and new ways of looking at life.

I am always amazed by the waves continuously beating the land and threatening to envelop it - with occasional success in the form of a tsunami. The unswerving perseverance of the waves is one admirable quality that any manager would wish to have along the obstacle path we call marketing in the world of business.

Sometimes one gets to see catamarans and the fishing trawlers venturing in or out of the sea. The persistence of the men who can outmaneuver the mighty power of the waves and still keep moving forward is another example in perseverance worthy of emulation.

In the crowded sections, one can often see the excited faces of children holding their parents’ hands while standing at the water’s edge waiting for the angry waves to splash and scatter their foamy surf. The trust of the onlooking child who knows that the firm grip of a parent’s hand will keep him securely anchored to the shore during this awesome experience, reminds me of the relationship that should exist between a subordinate and a boss.

And looking at the people taking their walk, oblivious to what is happening around them illustrates that we must be mindful at all times that “our health is our wealth” regardless of what is being demanded of us by others.

Last but not least – the joy of sitting silently at the water’s edge – simply looking at the magnificent ocean with its roaring waves puts us into an introspective mode. A mood that is necessary for objective self-evaluation and re-prioritizing our personal and professional goals.


Have a wonderful time all! See you soon.

Best, Nat

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