Sunday, 30 August 2009

On vacations...

Ooops... Looking again: no folks, I am no way a consistent blogger... Hehe... last posting almost 3 months ago... Huh, what to do...

Anyways. In the meantime, I've spent another summer in France, its Eastern part mostly. Well, I hosted my parents in June. It was their first time in France and it was quite a fun taking them around. We managed to do all major tourist places in Paris, Strasbourg, Basel, and some small towns nearby. For me it was also another experience of watching people pushing their boundaries, observing my folks exploring on their own (often, as I was working during the week) a totally foreign country with minimum language knowledge. It's amazing how they made it: truly, a person can do wonders when put into demanding situation.

Another major event of my life, in the meantime, I went to India - my first travel there. I went their with S (now my fiancé - yes, yes that's a whole other and long story to tell :-)) and I am very grateful for how he helped me to get acquainted with the country and to like it a lot. I don't want to rant here about Indian social life, economy, etc., etc. because 1) I am not a good enough expert to do that, 2) don't think I would do it even if I were an expert just because everyone else seems to be doing that and 3) I don't think it's this which matters, but rather people, individuals, personalties... I will only say that I enjoyed my first step!

Now, I am looking forward to my vacation. Yeah, finally a proper long one. Starts in... one, two,... three days. Heading to Ukraine (Crimea, actually) with S to see my Mom and Dad, and then - on to the US. Gonna be busy, but it's good. Looking forward to introduce my land to S. I've been missing my "most blue in the world Black Sea".

(Will try to) Keep you posted (more regularly)

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